personal concierge team



Working as Personal Concierge in Miami, I was asked to provide tailored services to foreigners, mostly Brazilians, who decided to buy a property in Florida and other states, for investment, or to spend their holidaysor even as a residence.
To meet their needs, I then decided that it was time to assemble a multilingual team (Italian, English, Portuguese) and professionalize what I was already doing. Our goal is to ensure that our customers will be using their precious time in a pleasant and relaxing way.
While the owners are enjoying the free time with their friends and family, shopping in malls or visiting the towns' tourist or working, we at Miami Personal Concierge help them to optimize their time, taking care of them"to -dos "(" things to do ").
Our work spans from the connection of electricity to the planning travel itineraries, from the weekly collection of incoming mail to the purchase of admission tickets of the main events, sports and otherwise. For this reason, we customize our services according to the needs of each customer.
Everyone can do the possible. We, at Miami Personal Concierge, do also the impossible, so that all of our customers can appreciate the real meaning of our motto:




Relax, and enjoy your well-deserved vacation!
A cordial greeting to all.

Elaine Cultrera

Elaine Cultrera, was born in Campinas, state of São Paulo, Brazil, where she grew up. Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities PUC Campinas and then moved to the United States. She studied in New York and had the opportunity to work with Trading Companies organizing events andconsulting in sales and customer service.

She currently lives in Florida with her husband, Robert, and daughter, Micaela, and manages properties of many foreign investors.