gerenciamento de propriedades



It is the core business of Miami Personal Concierge .

Manage a property from far away is not easy. Even a simple task like paying a bill or receiving a delivery of an order or repairing an appliance can take time, increase costs and generate stress.

Our concierges can meet any special request, but the basic customized

services are:

OPENING OF ACCOUNTS AND BILLS PAYMENT: Electricity, telephone, internet, cable TV, condominium expenses.

CORRESPONDENCE: Weekly mail pick-up from mail box; weekly packages pick-up from the front-desk of the building; the most important correspondence is scanned and sent by e-mail.


MAINTENANCE OF THE APARTMENT: In the apartment everything must be working at any time. For this reason we carry out regular checks and verify that the kitchen appliances are working; the bulbs of lamps and abat-jours are not burned out; the faucets do not leak and the hot water flows normally; that television, internet and telephone have always service. Once per month even the A/C filter is replaced.











PREPARATION OF THE APARTMENT: When the owner or his guests arrive, they find the apartment clean and ready for a relaxing holiday, with the beds made and clean linens, supplies for
breakfast and fresh flowers.

MAID SERVICES: The apartment is cleaned and prepared before the arrival of the owner or his guests, after their departure, and/or in scheduled dates, depending on the owner's needs.


CAR: We provide the following services: estimates of insurance premiums; annual plate renewal; regular engine start and tires calibration; periodic car services; washing and polishing; tickets handling and payment.


OTHER SERVICES: Quotations of property insurance premiums; schedule the annual payment of property taxes; follow-up of property construction and decoration.